Saturday, 13 August 2011

Long time no news

Well...hello again!
Sorry it has been so always life got in the way...but this is now all changing!

So whats new...

The London Riots
The death of: lucien freud, amy winehouse, jani lane
More icelandic eruptions...but not many people realised as flights were not disrupted
The wikileaks scandel
A woman gave birth to a baby weighing over 13 lbs!
The horror that is Rupert Murdoch was royally exposed
William and Kate...sorry Catherine married
The third successful face transplant was completed
The first american victim of a vampire bat attack died of rabies within 15 days of being bitten

and I am now 22...not that thats really important

Now for some a few, or a lot, of these stories will not be adequately classed as news...but they are to me!

I believe that news is any factual information passed from one person to another that can incite interest :)

Bye for now :)

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