Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Adventures to the land of the Dorset knob

Hi All!
This week i was a very lucky girl as it was my reading week where basically its a week off university to do extra work...instead i spent the majority of it visiting two of my uncles :P
So off me and my family went on a supposed 3 1/2 hour was actually a 6 1/2 hour drive where i had to sit in the middle of the car between my grandma and grandad (i love them to bits but its not the form of travel i would have chosen!) When we finally got there though the drive was certainly worth it!!
The uncles we were visiting were Dean & Scott who are one of the loveliest and most honest couples you could wish to meet! Dean is my mums brother and i got so excited about seeing them that i even managed to...dare i say it...throw up in one service stations lavatory!!! Yes thats how stupid i am!!!
But despite the drive and sickness i had a great time watching daybreakers, nightmare on elm street and the wonderful "To Wong Foo", saw my uncles shop the legendary MEDUSA hair and cosmetics in Dorchester...please recommend it as it is truly amazing!!!, then saw their new shop which should be opening in April in Bridport and then fianlly after all that excitement we all clambered back into cars and went to.........THE MULBERRY FACTORY SHOP!!!!! where i got my very own Mulberry bag :D :D :D

So as you can tell not a vast amount of work got done BUT an awesome time was had by all...especially me!!!
I will soon update the blog with pictures hehehe

Talk soon Love Spannington xxx

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  1. Oh my giddy-ant!!! Just very randomly clicked on your pic, (as a follower on someone elses blog) to see who you were and if you had a blog...

    You do...and here you are...

    AND your Uncle is only opening Medusa's which I see almost every day on my way to dropping the kids off at School.

    Just thought it was so very randomly funny to come across this.

    How very funny!